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CASABLANCA is a memorable film, produced by the Warner Bothers Studio, during the Golden Age of Hollywood. And what a movie it is! Featuring an exotic locale, a memorable song, a beautiful heroine, a masculine hero, and an evil villain.

CASABLANCA has it all. No wonder everyone returns to this film again and again. Enjoy your journey through this site. Come back again, and bring your friends!


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A collection of posters and lobby cards from around the world you can download. See how the film was advertised throughout its history.

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CASABLANCA Photographs

This collection of pictures from the film includes stills from the movie as well as portraits of the cast and publicity shots.

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Download audio clips straight from the CASABLANCA soundtrack. Here you will find your favorite quotes from this film.

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"As Time Goes By"

The best known song from the film: a tune that had been featured in a Broadway show back in 1931. Dooley Wilson's performance made it a hit all over again.


"La Marseillaise"

The unforgeattable scene when Victor Laszlo leads the orchestra at Rick's Cafe in the rousing French national anthem is one of the highlights of the film. Vive la France!


"Die Wacht Am Rhein"

Learn about the anthem the Germans sing at Rick's Cafe before La Marseillaise drowns them out. A patriotic anthem going back to the Franco-Prussian War.



A simple timeline detailing the journey of this property from an unproduced Broadway play called "Everybody Comes to Rick's" to the immortal classic it has become.



From YouTube, here are the most memorable film clips from this movie: including all your favorite scenes, together with those lines you quote all the time.

Film Clips


Here you will find links to other websites with even more information about this film. If you still yearn to find out more about CASABLANCA this is the place to go.


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You can stream CASABLANCA anytime at WATCH TCM. Go HERE for more info. The film can also be streamed at HBO Max. Click HERE for more info.


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